Monday, October 6, 2008

What is a Friend........

Amber is the one in the sun glasses.
I borrowed this picture off her blog someone who runs in marathon in the pouring rain and does not give up or quit because you asked her to run for Bryson. This is exactly what my friend and co-worker Amber did. She is a big marathon runner. When I heard she was running in the St. George marathon I asked her to think of Bryson and run for him and his heart. She gladly said she would..

When she came in to work today I asked her how it went. She said it was the hardest marathon she had ever run and she has done this one 6 times. She said it rained the whole run. And even the hour before the start when she was outside waiting for the race to start. So needless to say she was soaked to the bone. Amber told me that running for Bryson is what kept her going and helped her finish the race...

Thank you sooooooo very much Amber.
Beth and Bryson.

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Craig and Amber said...

Running the marathon in the cold wind and rain is nothing compared to the marathon Bryson is facing. More than that it is nothing compared to what you have gone through this year! Both you and Bryson are inspirations to me and I would run the marathon again in the same conditions for him!! I have to say YOU are the definition of a FRIEND!!- Amber