Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Tag from Megan

So the tag is to take your 4th photo out of your 4th file on your computer. So this is mine.
This is my Dad "Bud" and his wife Roberta with Brock on his Blessing Day in Lyman Wyoming.
This was six years ago.. Wow look how little Brockers was. He is still has cute as ever. So I am tagging all of you that read my blog.. I will be watching!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well One Room Is Put Together

My kitchen is going to be hearts and stars. Thanks to my friend Mary Kovalak for my first Star.

Well so the least used room in the house is put together thanks to a few of my friends. Now I will probably work on the living room next.
Special thanks to my family for working hard and getting all the big stuff loaded and then unloaded. We had some members of the ward come help and some of my niece Natalie's friends. (it was nice to have some young men to help out us old folks) Ashlee and Nikki worked on getting my bathroom usable and Patti and Natalie worked on my room so at least I could sleep in my bed. It was a great team effort. It was a bit funny as I have been having issues with my leg , Eric still healing from breaking his ankle and Scott's back issues we would have been in BIG trouble with out all the help.
I will post pictures as I finish a room. I hope that I can get it all done soon so I can have a "Come and check out my new pad" Party.
I guess I better try and get at least on box unpacked before Bed. I better unpack the bathroom. It was fun trying to get ready for church this morning and not knowing where anything was..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The New Family Doctor

There is a new Heart Doctor in town and he is fabulous! So if your in need of one I have his contact info!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It is a done deal...

So it is a done deal. I have signed my life away.. I am not sure it has sunk in yet. Maybe on Monday when I get the keys. I called and got the gas and power switched over to my name.
I need to have the carpets cleaned and the cable turned on...Wow do I sound like a home owner?
I have a ton of packing to do but my hope is to move next weekend. But it is a nice thing not to have to rush. I can do a little at a time. Though I know once I start I will just want to move in quick. I am excited to make it my own little humble home.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Couple of Updates

1. Bryson is back in the PICU. He had issues with his heart rate yesterday. Like it went from 120 to 190..So they moved him back to the PICU so they could keep a better eye on him. He does have an infection somewhere so he is septic. We don't like that word but they assure us that it is ok. They are on top of it and all should be well. His heart rate is back down to 120 today. So that is good. They have done x-rays, echos,ekgs and all is well with his heart function. So another positive. The "Bug" is a tough one and though this is a bump in the road I think it is one we can handle.
Update on update..Bryson is headed back to a regular room. I went and saw him at lunch and he looks a ton better. He even smiled and talked to me.. Love it!!!

2.. My Loan was approved. So we can move forward on closing on the condo! The interest rate was a little more then I was hoping but that's what happens when I am not very good with my money, it's a condo, and the loan is less the 120,000. ( I mean really, better interest if I borrow more??? no wonder we have some many fore closers)
So this means the closing is on Friday and then due to the weekend it will officially be mine on Monday!!!

Thanks to all my family and friends that have been checking on the Quinneys everyday. We have had a tough year but we have stuck together and felt of your love and support.

Thanks a million!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Change of Date

So there have been a few set backs with the house. So we have pushed the closing date back by 10 days. Hopefully everything works out. I believe that if it is meant to be it will happen. After everything that has happened this year it is just a house. There will be others. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Cute is He?

Just relaxing after open heart surgery. I just love when he crosses his legs like that. He is doing well today. He is drinking lots and one of the chest tubes might come out today. And they are even talking about moving him to the regular floor tonight or tomorrow!! WOO HOO.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bryson is a Champ

Bryson had an ok night. They are trying to keep his pain and comfort under control. He has a hard time if any of us are in the room. I was back there a little while ago and he was resting well. But then he woke up and saw me and got very upset. He kept saying "Annie, Out" meaning get me out of this bed. I could not get him calmed down so I had to just leave the room. Breaks my heart not to be able to comfort him.We will not be able to hold him until his chest tubes come out. Which will be a few days down the road. But over all the little Bug is hanging tough!
Thanks for checking on us.

Friday, October 10, 2008

He is Drugged and ready to go

So they took Bryson back about 7:30 but not before giving him some versed. It makes him so loopy. He laughs at everything doesn't have a care in the world as they wheel him away.
They should start giving updates in the next little bit. So go to my brothers blog at

We are here...

We have been checked in at Primary since 6 am. It is almost 7 and they have taken Bug back to get him ready to go. So we wait to make sure he is in good shape and that they have a room in the ICU for him.. So we wait...

This is a picture that I took of bug this morning in the hotel room. He was like why am I awake at 5am? I took it with my cell phone so not the best but he is a cute bug any way you look at him.
Thanks for checking in. We will do updates often.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What is a Friend........

Amber is the one in the sun glasses.
I borrowed this picture off her blog someone who runs in marathon in the pouring rain and does not give up or quit because you asked her to run for Bryson. This is exactly what my friend and co-worker Amber did. She is a big marathon runner. When I heard she was running in the St. George marathon I asked her to think of Bryson and run for him and his heart. She gladly said she would..

When she came in to work today I asked her how it went. She said it was the hardest marathon she had ever run and she has done this one 6 times. She said it rained the whole run. And even the hour before the start when she was outside waiting for the race to start. So needless to say she was soaked to the bone. Amber told me that running for Bryson is what kept her going and helped her finish the race...

Thank you sooooooo very much Amber.
Beth and Bryson.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rain or Shine the Game must go on!

This is the field that Chase usually plays on. See anything wrong with this picture. They played on the next field over. Though I am sure they boys would have love to score in this end zone!
This is Nikki and Chases friend Josh trying to stay dry during the game.

Chase had a hand warmer to help. But he was soaked to the bone.
But that did not stop him from eating the quarterback for lunch!

The Colts had a rough time with the wet football
but they continued to work hard and Won the game.
So off to the next round of the playoffs.

You have to give all of us fans a big thumbs up for showing up
and cheering on our team no matter the weather!

Go Colts!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Purchase for My New House

Is this not the cutest clock ever? Well maybe not ever but it is dang cute. Pink and brown are my new favorite colors. My bathroom is going to be in those colors so this clock will be a perfect in the bathroom!! Look at the ticker on top of my blog.. I am getting closer to being a home owner.... WOO HOO!!!

Neal E. Boyd has a Great Voice

So my favorite on America's Got Talent from the very first time I heard him was Neal E. Boyd.
He has an incredible voice and I am not even a big fan of Opera. But I would pay to see this guy! It is amazing that he has been walking around selling insurance instead of sharing his talent. Well now that he is a million dollars richer I am sure his life is in for a few changes.. Clink on the link to hear for yourself..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Playoff to be in the Playoffs....

So Chase's football team the Layton Colts are in a 3 way tie for 1st place. So tonight they will play Kaysville (their only loss this year) for 1/2 a game. The winner from that game goes to the playoffs. The loser plays another 1/2 game against Farmington. The winner from that game goes on the the playoffs as well and the losers go home and are done for the year. So here's to beating Kaysville!!! GO COLTS!!!!!!

UPDATE: WE BEAT KAYSVILLE!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! It was a great game and our Layton Colts played a great game! Chase had some awesome tackles.. So Saturday is the first game of the playoffs and our sights are set on the Mini Bowl Oct 25th... GO COLTS!!!!