Sunday, November 30, 2008

Favorite Christmas Poem

This is a great Christmas Poem. The first time I heard it was on a Christmas Album by Reba McEntire. She has such a great voice to read it to some music. It is what is playing on my blog. So turn up your speakers and have a quick listen. And may it help us all remember the true meaning of Christmas.

It happened one day at the year's white end,
Two neighbors called on an old-time friend
And they found his shop so meager and mean,
Made gay with a thousand boughs of green,
And Conrad was sitting with face a-shine
When he suddenly stopped as he stitched a twine
And said, "Old friends, at dawn today,
When the cock was crowing the night away,
The Lord appeared in a dream to me
And said, 'I am coming your guest to be'.
So I've been busy with feet astir,
Strewing my shop with branches of fir,
The table is spread and the kettle is shined
And over the rafters the holly is twined,
And now I will wait for my Lord to appear
And listen closely so I will hear
His step as He nears my humble place,
And I open the door and look in His face. . ."
So his friends went home and left Conrad alone,
For this was the happiest day he had known,
For, long since, his family had passed away
And Conrad has spent a sad Christmas Day.
But he knew with the Lord as his Christmas guest
This Christmas would be the dearest and best,
And he listened with only joy in his heart.
And with every sound he would rise with a start
And look for the Lord to be standing there
In answer to his earnest prayer
So he ran to the window after hearing a sound,
But all that he saw on the snow-covered ground
Was a shabby beggar whose shoes were torn
And all of his clothes were ragged and worn.
So Conrad was touched and went to the door
And he said, "Your feet must be frozen and sore,
And I have some shoes in my shop for you
And a coat that will keep you warmer, too."
So with grateful heart the man went away,
But as Conrad noticed the time of day
He wondered what made the dear Lord so late
And how much longer he'd have to wait,
When he heard a knock and ran to the door,
But it was only a stranger once more,
A bent, old crone with a shawl of black,
A bundle of faggots piled on her back.
She asked for only a place to rest,
But that was reserved for Conrad's Great Guest.
But her voice seemed to plead,
"Don't send me awayLet me rest awhile on Christmas day."
So Conrad brewed her a steaming cup
And told her to sit at the table and sip.
But after she left he was filled with dismay
For he saw that the hours were passing away
And the Lord had not come as He said He would,
And Conrad felt sure he had misunderstood.
When out of the stillness he heard a cry,
"Please help me and tell me where am I."
So again he opened his friendly door
And stood disappointed as twice before,
It was only a child who had wandered away
And was lost from her family on Christmas Day. .
Again Conrad's heart was heavy and sad,
But he knew he should make this little child glad,
So he called her in and wiped her tears
And quieted her childish fears.
Then he led her back to her home once more
But as he entered his own darkened door,
He knew that the Lord was not coming today
For the hours of Christmas had passed away.
So he went to his room and knelt down to pray
And he said,
"Dear Lord, why did you delay,
What kept You from coming to call on me,
For I wanted so much Your face to see. . ."
When soft in the silence a voice he heard,
"Lift up your head for I kept My word--
Three times My shadow crossed your floor--
Three times I came to your lonely door--
For I was the beggar with bruised, cold feet,
I was the woman you gave to eat,
And I was the child on the homeless street."

Helen Steiner Rice

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys...

Preston is 10!!! He is my #1" Boogalou".
Even though he is getting older and thinks kissing his Annie
is gross I love him dearly!
Trust me there is a little trouble behind that smile!
Happy Birthday !!!!!!

Chase is my "Big Red"
He turned 11.
Chase is always good for a Laugh
and a Hug!
Happy Birthday Chaser!

I tired to post pictures from the early years but my computer is not letting me.
So I will try later but I want to get the Birthday shout out
to my Boys!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carrie Underwood here we come

So I took Chase, Nikki and Natalie to the Carrie Underwood Concert
for their upcoming Birthdays. The night started with us having dinner
at Ruby Tuesdays.
We got to the concert early to beat traffic. So we hung out around the
Radio Stations. And for whatever reason there was this Pickle hanging around

We all got free shirts from K-Bull 93

Here we are waiting for the concert to start.

First we were entertained by
Little Big Town

Then the count down for Carrie Began.

Entertaining themselves waiting for Carrie

Cute little Cowgirl

I think Carrie is looking at us.

We had great seats. We were 6 rows up from the floor
and to the left of the stage.

Thanks to the Jumbo Tron

Carrie is almost up front and personal

This is the closest we got to Carrie

And I think this says it all as for how we felt
walking out of the concert.
I had a great time watching the kids. This was Nikki and Chase's first concert.
Natalie has been to a few.
And as every concert goer has experinced we had a few drunk people right
in front of us. One guy kept giving Nikki a High Five. The other guy
just sat there and sang every song word for word.
But really I think I am getting old. Because it was all so LOUD!!!!
But hey I survived anyway!
Thanks Kiddos I had fun.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bubble Girl

Look at this cute thing! She already loves Purses and Pooh.

All warm and snugly with Grammy.

Some days are just tougher then others.

Hanging with her crime fighting cousins.
Happy Birthday Bubble Girl!
Hope your having a great Day.
Love you Lots!

Girls Day and Night out.

So Jennylin and Ashlee came down to help me finish packing and clean Mom's house. Nikki came over to help as well. We got a lot done. Thanks a ton girls! Well all the hard work deserved a little reward. So shopping we went!. First stop Tai Pan Trading.

Where I ended up getting my Christmas Tree and all its decorations. After that stop we got some of Jennylins errands done.

Then we met up with our cousin Kimmy for a Yummy dinner at Firehouse Grill.
Thanks for coming Kimmy we know you were busy getting ready for your trip.

Then we were back to doing some more shopping. It was nice
to get the Christmas shopping started.

The girls decided to stay the night and help
me decorate the tree.

We had a great time doing it!

Even though it is not even Thanksgiving my tree is up.

and I LOVE IT!!!!

My First Christmas Tree in my First Home!

Thanks Girls it was a GREAT DAY!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Red and White or Blue and White That is the Question

So the problems begin...Who should I root for this year?

That should be a easy question to answer...
But I have now worked for the U for almost 10 years.
I have gone to a few games these past few years and really
get caught up in the excitement here at work.

I grew up watching and rooting for the Y.
And I love being the only one at work
not cheering for the Utah.
Normally it does not matter as I watch the game
from home. But this year I will be at the game!
Maybe I can cheer for both? And then when the game is
over I can say I cheered for the winners the whole game!
Well I have a few days to figure it out!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Super Saturday

So today was Super Saturday at church. So these are the 2 crafts I chose to make.
I think the both turned out pretty darn cute! And the fact I finished them is a big bonus.

I am trying to get the house in order today!. I just may get some stuff done. So if that is the case I will post more pictures. I need to get it done because I am having a "Scentsy" / Come see my new house party on Thursday night. So if your around and want to stop by please do! Or if you want to order something let me know as well.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day of Tricks and Treats

So the day started off with me waiting for the cable guy. So I took the opportunity to unpack the bathroom. Though I have to give credit where credit is due. My sister Jennifer actually pre did this bathroom at Mom's house and I brought it with me. Eric hung up my "European" shower curtain. Ashlee and Nikki set everything else. So all I had to do is un pack all the other "stuff"
I just love the pink and brown bows.

There is my cute clock. I am not sure I like it sitting on the counter so I might hang it up. But I don't have much room on the walls.

Here is a sneak peek at the guest room.. I hope that I can get it done this weekend.

Here is Bryson at the Hospital getting ready to go trick or treating. Is he not the cutest Nemo ever! He was not sure how it all worked but after a few stops he got the hang of collecting all his treats.

So he just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Thanks for letting me hang with you Bug. I had fun.
It was great fun chasing Bryson up and down the halls. He loved the elevator and we would just ride up and down and up again for as long as I would let him. He is a new kid after this last repair and no more oxygen cord to hold him back..Watch out here comes the Bug!