Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carrie Underwood here we come

So I took Chase, Nikki and Natalie to the Carrie Underwood Concert
for their upcoming Birthdays. The night started with us having dinner
at Ruby Tuesdays.
We got to the concert early to beat traffic. So we hung out around the
Radio Stations. And for whatever reason there was this Pickle hanging around

We all got free shirts from K-Bull 93

Here we are waiting for the concert to start.

First we were entertained by
Little Big Town

Then the count down for Carrie Began.

Entertaining themselves waiting for Carrie

Cute little Cowgirl

I think Carrie is looking at us.

We had great seats. We were 6 rows up from the floor
and to the left of the stage.

Thanks to the Jumbo Tron

Carrie is almost up front and personal

This is the closest we got to Carrie

And I think this says it all as for how we felt
walking out of the concert.
I had a great time watching the kids. This was Nikki and Chase's first concert.
Natalie has been to a few.
And as every concert goer has experinced we had a few drunk people right
in front of us. One guy kept giving Nikki a High Five. The other guy
just sat there and sang every song word for word.
But really I think I am getting old. Because it was all so LOUD!!!!
But hey I survived anyway!
Thanks Kiddos I had fun.

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Scottie and Tasha said...

I LOVE Carrie Underwood! What a fun concert to go to!