Monday, November 10, 2008

Red and White or Blue and White That is the Question

So the problems begin...Who should I root for this year?

That should be a easy question to answer...
But I have now worked for the U for almost 10 years.
I have gone to a few games these past few years and really
get caught up in the excitement here at work.

I grew up watching and rooting for the Y.
And I love being the only one at work
not cheering for the Utah.
Normally it does not matter as I watch the game
from home. But this year I will be at the game!
Maybe I can cheer for both? And then when the game is
over I can say I cheered for the winners the whole game!
Well I have a few days to figure it out!


Quinney Family said...

Cougar Blue all the way, take a stand, don't go with the crowd. Dare to be different!

Heart Mommy said...

Okay so I took out our names and kids names and birthdays so that we will only be known as "heart Strings". I wanted others to still be able to read it... Just wanted to take out a bit of the info that would lead the strangers to my house and my kids...

Scottie and Tasha said...

Beth really do you even need to discuss this... :) Isn't there a mormon ad (*you know those posters in the middle of the New Era for the youth*) that says rise above the blues! It's TRUE!


Melissa: said...

Red, baby! Follow your heart. ;-)

Sorry I could not make it tonight. I'm still working on my paper right now, even though I got distracted by blogs!