Monday, February 16, 2009

No place like home..No Place like home...

When I click my heels 3 times and say "There's no place like Home" this is where I end up.
I took the time this weekend and went to Bishop CA. I only spent 7 years of my life there but it will always be the place I call "Home". I feel such a since of peace and well being when I am there.

This picture was taken from the porch of Kay Kessler. She as been a second Mom to me for the last 25 plus years. I love to sit on her porch and stare at the view. I have had a lot of great conversations on that porch. If that porch could talk...(thank goodness it can not)

I had my 18th birthday party on the front lawn. I left my VW bug in neutral and it rolled backwards and almost hit the neighbors Porsche' but did hit the telephone poll!!

I could go to Bishop and never leave that porch and would consider it a great trip...

This trip I was able to get together with some great friends. One that I had not seen in 21 years.
It was a great trip...

I love being here in Utah and love being around my family and I would not change any of that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Fun Weekend with the Kids

Ashlee won a essay contest and got to be a Jr Musher at the Dog Sled race. The last leg of the race was in Park City. It started off as a sunny day but soon turned into a blizzard. But that made it more fun for Ashlee I think.
This is Ashlee and her Mentor Melanie or the last leg of their ride.
They crashed right before. Ashlee said that was fun.
Melanie had trouble seeing around Ashlee as Ashlee was
about 4 inches taller then Melanie!

At the end of the ride Ashlee got to control the sled by herself.

Here you can see better how much taller she was then Melanie.
Also Melanie was the overall winner for the race. Woo Hoo!

Brock, Bryson and Nikki just hanging out watching all the

Ashlee, Brock, Bryson, Chase and Preston

Nikki and Ashlee

Annie and her Bug!
Thanks kiddos for another fun filled day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Show me how to Play the Wii

So Jennylin and the kids came down Friday night on their way down to Provo. I truly love being a stop over! Jenny took Preston and Ashlee to the movies and I had Brock and Bryson at home with me. I told Brock I needed him to teach me to play the Wii. Needless to say I never got the controller away from either of the Boys. But that was ok! It was fun watching them have a good time. Bryson is not really playing but he would never know that! Brock has all the moves down including the sticking out of the tongue!