Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bryson Gets his Wish

Make a Wish gave Bryson and his family
a trip to Disney World.
And I was lucky enough to get join in the fun!
Before the big trip Make a Wish
gave him a little pizza party.
When they got home that night he was ready to leave.
Poor guy had to wait another 4 days

Christmas 2009

As sad as it is, I took no pictures this Christmas..
Jennifer and family flew in from Denver
Eric and family came down for Christmas Eve.
So we had at least one day that most of us were together.
Christmas seems to be the hardest time.
Mom love Christmas and had everything decked out
and she cooked up a storm.
It took everything I had to put up my tree.
Good thing my friend Yvonne was in town and
helped with that project.
I miss my parents everyday but Christmas time
seems to be the worse for me.
I am grateful for my siblings that take great care of me.
I am grateful for all my nieces and nephews that bring me such joy.
I am most grateful for the knowledge I have that
I will see my parents again.

Thanksgiving in Ohio

Little Eviee.
Isaac is a hoot.

We went to the Children's Museum and ran
into Mr and Mrs Clause

Elana and Eliza.

David and Eliza
Baptism day.

The Jones Family.
So I flew to Ohio for Thanksgiving and
Eliza's Baptism.
It was great to see Sara and her family.
It had been much to long.

Oh Scotty!

Scott had a quadruple bypass right before
He had stents placed several times in the last year
and they were just not helping.
So the decided surgery was the way to go.
It was a tough day sitting in the waiting room.
Something our family knows a little to much about.
But we knew that he had some speical Angels watching over him
And alot of family and friends praying for him.
I thank everyone for those answered prayers!
Scott is doing well and getting back into
his regular routine.

One more Trip to Bishop!

My trip to Bishop this time was to see the fabulous Bedwell family.
Their father passed away few years ago and they came back
to Bishop to bury his ahes.
I was glad that I was able to make the trip and visit
with them.
The view at the football game. Not sure there is a
better one anywhere.

Chuck Bedwell and Todd Thornburg.
Chuckie and me.

Always a plus to see Tawni when I am home.
I am go grateful for all my trips "home" this year.
I think it has helped me heal . To see old
friends after so many years has been

Family Photos

Eric and Jennylin were nice enough to include me in their
family photos.
Jennylin, Eric, Me, Sara and Scott

Brock is my little Boogalu

Me and Ashlee my Sporty Princess

Annie and her little Buggie Bug

Sara Jarvie a great family friend. Was our photographer
along with her brother

Scott Jarvie.
They both are great at what they do.
Thanks Jarvies for a fun fun day!
Ashlee, Eric and Brock

Ashlee and Sara

Me and my kiddos

Eric and Jennylin

Was a beautiful day and the colors were amazing.
Pictures are pricless and I am glad I was part of this amazing day.


Bryson the cutest little football player ever!

Ashlee was Undecided..So she wore things from
past costumes.

Batman Brock had an issue with one of his ears.

Natalie was GI Jane or something like that.
Her friend Ben was her victim.

Nikki was a tea plate. Her friend was the cup.

Uncle Scotty and Bryson.

Preston , Chase and Josh.
What can I say besides they are boys!!

Seattle or Bust

I found myself lucky enough to go to Seattle with my friend Bernice.
We went there for "work"
I think there was more play then work.
But hey that was so not our fault..
We had dinner at the Space Needle

Went on a Duck Tour around the city.

Bernice in the Lobby of the hotel.

I was amazed at all the beautiful flowers. The colors
were unbelieveable.

Then yet another Facebook reunion!
The Perkins family.
Steve, Cara, Melodie.
They took me out for a great breakfast.
It was really the highlight of the trip!
( I use to babysit Cara)

Labor Day Girls Road Trip

I love that Natalie and Nikki like to hang with their Annie.
We had a great road trip to Bishop over Labor Day Weekend.

Our friend Robin was brave enough to come along! I think
she loved every minute of it.

Walking around Main Street and acting like tourists.

One of the highlights of the trip was having some more Facebook Reunions.
Mom and Pop Owen. I spent a lot of time at their house during High School
and then again when I was in Lancaster.. Love them to death!

Yvonne my BFF from HS and still 25 years later.

Then of course there was the Inyo County Fair.

Craig Thornburg and I catching up after 26 years.
I was his and Todd's gum supplier through HS.
And yes I had a purse full for the reunion.

The Destruction Derby. Still the highlight of fair time.

Nikki with her new Cousins Jordan and Danielle.

Ah Tina my little "sister" with her cute kiddos
Jordan and Owen.

Robert, Tina and Me..
Love them! So glad we are still family after all these years.

Then the best part is Mamma Kay!
She is the real reason for all my trips
home to Bishop. Don her husband
is a great guy and I love them both!

I love going home as often as I can.
I am glad the girls were with me and
put up with all my "visiting" with friends.
One picture I never seem to get is one
with Lorrel Mclaughlin. She is very
dear to me and I have lunch with her
everytime I am in town. Thanks Lorrel!