Thursday, September 17, 2009

Facebook Reunion in Vegas

Holly, Kristen, Michele, Me.
Facebook has been a fun thing for me. Finding old friends from Highschool and keeping track of friends all over the place.
Well for my Birthday Michele was kind enough to arrange a trip to Vegas for us.
We had a great time catching up and spending the day at the spa!
It was perfect.
Thanks Michele!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quick Trip To California

Roberta and Jennifer Roberta and Beth

Our old house in Lakewood CA.

So shortly after getting home from Hawaii I was on the move again
to California. The time had come that Roberta (my step-mom) needed to be
moved in to a Nursing home.. Her Alzheimer's is getting worse and she no
longer can stay in her home. So Jennifer and I met up with our step-brother Greg
and tried to get the house in order..BIG and I do mean BIG job. We ended up
hiring an Estate Company to come tackle the task.

So we found ourselves with a little free time. We headed down to Huntingbeach where
Roberta is now living. It is a really nice place and her sister Nancy is only about 10 mintues away. Nancy takes great care of Roberta which is a great thing since all of us kids
live so far away. On the way there we had a few "remember when" moments.
We drove thru the old neighborhood. I was amazed that Jennifer was able to get us there.

Then we headed over to Lake Elsinore to see our cousin Rob and check out the golf course where
he works..

Even though I had some hard moments being at Dad and Roberta's and going more of thier things it was a great trip.

Then it was on to Vegas........ More to come.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hawaiian Sunsets

Need I say more?

We have some beautiful sunsets here in Utah

but I have never seen anything like the ones

I have seen in Hawaii.. Magical!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pearl Habor

You can not visit Hawaii and not take time to go to Pearl Harbor.
They take you out to the actual sight of the USS Arizona

They ask you to be quiet and reverent like when there.
(Some did not heed to that)

Over 900 sailors were buried with the ship.

We put flowers into the water in memory of our Parents
and those that were gave of their lives all those years before and now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Year Has Passed

We were all very pleased with the headstone
Missed having Eric here with us.
Put way to go Preston for doing so well at his
Pitch, Hit and Run contest!

They did not get the headstone laid but it worked
out being able to take better pictures.

This was Mom's sign that we decided to hang in the
tree right above her!

Jennifer and Bronte

Bronte' and Nikki



Jennifer and Eviee given Love

Bronte', Nikki and Natalie

The day was beautiful and nice to be with family.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend in the Mountains

This is Jennifer and Mark's Cabin up in Grand Lake Colorado.
We invaded them this last weekend. Boy did we have a Great time.

Mark and Jennifer

Preston just having a fun time posing for pictures.

Bronte' and Ashlee having a little girl time on the hammock.

Ashlee kicking back with Brock and Bryson

Annie taking a picture with Preston while waiting for the town Bingo game to start.

Bryson loving the slide..

Brockers drying off the slide after the rain.

Ashlee and Bronte' riding the 4wheelers

Bronte' and Ashlee playing Bingo. None of us won but we had fun.

Helmets are a must to ride the 4 wheelers.

Preston is a pro.. The kids just rode around the driveway.
They would have rode all day if allowed.

Look at the smile.Bryson was loving it.

Brock and no problems driving Mom around!

Annie and Bug!

If driving 4 wheelers was not enough we gave the
Go Carts a couple spins.

Ashlee was very much the "Princess" while driving.

Bronte' quit texting long enough to drive herself.
Thanks Eric and Jennylin for letting me tag along
on this great weekend. Thanks Mark and Jennifer for
sharing your beautiful cabin with us.
I can not wait till we go again.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May is Mom's Month

The last few days I have been looking back to where we were last year at this time.
Mom was in the hospital celebrating Mother's Day.
We sat around her bed watching the Player's Championship.
Jeff was doing well, which did not help Mom's blood pressure and heart rate!
She had been moved to the regular floor so our hopes were high that she would be
coming home soon.
Mom would end up back in the ICU.
It is here she would spend her birthday.
It was there that she would return home
to Heaven!
Those that know me, know that Mom and I had our struggles.
We often did not see eye to eye.
A lot of arguments and discontent.
But I loved her. I hope she knew that.
I am grateful that I got to be with her
everyday during this time. It was not always easy
but I was glad that I was there.
Mom I miss you and think of you everyday.
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Birthday!
Mother dear, I love you so.
Your happy, smiling face
Is such a joy to look at;
It makes home a lovely place.
Mother dear, I love you so.
Your lovely, shining eyes
Are just like stars that twinkle
Way up in the bright blue skies.
Mother dear, I love you so.
I’ll try the whole day through
To please our Heav’nly Father.
I’m so glad he gave me you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I went to Wyoming for the Easter weekend
It was fun to watch the kids dye the eggs.
Earlier in the week I got to dye eggs with the Utah kids
(sorry no pictures)

It is always fun to be with my "kids"
After eggs we watched Bolt.
Oh how I love John Travolta.
(Even if it was just his voice.)

Saturday was The Easter Egg Hunt.
It was Bryson's first year and
Ashlee was too old.

It was fun watching him go after the eggs.
The down fall was all the age groups went at the
same time so I didn't get to watch Brock and Preston.

We had a nice Ham dinner on Sunday
before I came back home. Thanks
Wyoming clan for a great time.

When I got home I met up with the Utah
family and went to Mom's grave site.
Mom always added that special
touch to all the holidays.
Mom and Dad were missed.