Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quick Trip To California

Roberta and Jennifer Roberta and Beth

Our old house in Lakewood CA.

So shortly after getting home from Hawaii I was on the move again
to California. The time had come that Roberta (my step-mom) needed to be
moved in to a Nursing home.. Her Alzheimer's is getting worse and she no
longer can stay in her home. So Jennifer and I met up with our step-brother Greg
and tried to get the house in order..BIG and I do mean BIG job. We ended up
hiring an Estate Company to come tackle the task.

So we found ourselves with a little free time. We headed down to Huntingbeach where
Roberta is now living. It is a really nice place and her sister Nancy is only about 10 mintues away. Nancy takes great care of Roberta which is a great thing since all of us kids
live so far away. On the way there we had a few "remember when" moments.
We drove thru the old neighborhood. I was amazed that Jennifer was able to get us there.

Then we headed over to Lake Elsinore to see our cousin Rob and check out the golf course where
he works..

Even though I had some hard moments being at Dad and Roberta's and going more of thier things it was a great trip.

Then it was on to Vegas........ More to come.

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