Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bryson is a Champ

Bryson had an ok night. They are trying to keep his pain and comfort under control. He has a hard time if any of us are in the room. I was back there a little while ago and he was resting well. But then he woke up and saw me and got very upset. He kept saying "Annie, Out" meaning get me out of this bed. I could not get him calmed down so I had to just leave the room. Breaks my heart not to be able to comfort him.We will not be able to hold him until his chest tubes come out. Which will be a few days down the road. But over all the little Bug is hanging tough!
Thanks for checking on us.


Craig and Amber said...

What a tough little guy! I am so glad the procedure went well, I knew he was going to. I had an overwhelming feeling when I was running the marathon thinking of Bryson and I just knew that he was not done here on earth. I hope he recovers quickly and I will keep him in my prayers and thoughts. I would love a Bryson running shirt for my next marathon, that would be so awesome to wear!!

Melissa: said...

What a truly amazing aunt you are. Really. Bryson is fortunate to have someone like you right there by his side showing him additional love - we can never get enough! I'm happy to read he's doing well. The photo of him crossing his legs is adorable!