Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well One Room Is Put Together

My kitchen is going to be hearts and stars. Thanks to my friend Mary Kovalak for my first Star.

Well so the least used room in the house is put together thanks to a few of my friends. Now I will probably work on the living room next.
Special thanks to my family for working hard and getting all the big stuff loaded and then unloaded. We had some members of the ward come help and some of my niece Natalie's friends. (it was nice to have some young men to help out us old folks) Ashlee and Nikki worked on getting my bathroom usable and Patti and Natalie worked on my room so at least I could sleep in my bed. It was a great team effort. It was a bit funny as I have been having issues with my leg , Eric still healing from breaking his ankle and Scott's back issues we would have been in BIG trouble with out all the help.
I will post pictures as I finish a room. I hope that I can get it all done soon so I can have a "Come and check out my new pad" Party.
I guess I better try and get at least on box unpacked before Bed. I better unpack the bathroom. It was fun trying to get ready for church this morning and not knowing where anything was..


the peine's said...

So very cute! I can't wait to come and see!

Mike & Linda Bringhurst said...

Sorry we missed seeing you on Sunday with the 'bug', but we are glad we won't have to keep meeting at Primary's. Kitchen looks cute and Ashlee told me all about your pink and brown bathroom. sounds like it was a busy weekend. We are happy for you.

Quinney Family said...

Wow I do good work!!! LOL


carolyn q said...

Home Sweet Home. I am so thrilled for you. Oh, now all the real work happens with unpacking. Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day and so take your time :0)