Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rain or Shine the Game must go on!

This is the field that Chase usually plays on. See anything wrong with this picture. They played on the next field over. Though I am sure they boys would have love to score in this end zone!
This is Nikki and Chases friend Josh trying to stay dry during the game.

Chase had a hand warmer to help. But he was soaked to the bone.
But that did not stop him from eating the quarterback for lunch!

The Colts had a rough time with the wet football
but they continued to work hard and Won the game.
So off to the next round of the playoffs.

You have to give all of us fans a big thumbs up for showing up
and cheering on our team no matter the weather!

Go Colts!!!

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Scottie and Tasha said...

What would a good football season be without a little rain or snow??