Monday, March 2, 2009

The Drama Queen's Brother!!

The Drama Queens Brother!
By: Natalie Quinney

You were born, late at night,
on a cold Autumn evening.
I was almost 6,
As I boldly told the nurse.
Momma glared at my tiny white lie,
Do you remember that?

One year later, you begin to walk.
You followed me around like I meant the world to you.
I'd turn around and chase and giggle
and wrestle you to the ground,
Momma glared at my roughness,
Do you remember that?

Oh man! When you were four,
Your sister and I would paint your nails and dress you up in pretty pink dresses.
We'd dance and sing, the three of us.
Daddy glared at me for treating a boy like a girl.
Do you remember that?

I taught you how to ride a bike.
Not realizing the monster I would create.
Then you could torment the neighbors on wheels.
We built jumps, and destroyed things.
The mud was a blast.
Daddy glared at me for letting you get dirty.
Do you remember that?

You started playing football,
grew tough and tall.
You practiced your tackles on your siblings, the poor innocent, hopeless sisters.
Momma glared at your brutality.
Do you remember that?

I love to sit and watch you,
create and be yourself.
Your room is a mess, your head is hard.
But your passion runs deep.
An animal isn't an animal, its more like a friend.
Revenge is an internal drive,
Someone to love is everything,
And the adventure is always something to find.
Momma smiles at how much we are alike.
Do you remember that?
Natalie wrote this and I just had to share!
She is a great writer!


Becky said...

What a sweet thing to do...writing about Chace. What a great sister. Don't EVER see Matt and Jordan writing about each other like that.

Natalie (Drama Queen!) said...

Aw! I feel so published!! Thanks Annie! - I just kinda wrote what came to my mind, and it just kinda. . happened! <3