Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought I could only last one day without the Internet. Very sad!
I had my home phone and Internet turned off on Friday. I figured that I really only needed my cell phone and not a land line. Well the Internet is connected to that line as well. So figured I could go without the Internet until I move. (which I don't know when will happen). Well that is so not the case. I was a wreck Friday night not being able to check blogs and e-mail. So Saturday I went straight to Sprint and got wireless so I could use my laptop as well. I just got it all set up today. (Sunday) So I guess really I went 2 days.. I have checked e-mail and blogs and feel better having done so... So now I can take a nap, knowing all is well in the blog world! I need the nap because I had the sunbeams today at church..Enough said right?

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