Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week of Sports

First game of the week was Preston and his Lyman Eagles up in Evanston WY. I was glad that I cold make a quick trip up to see him play. Man can this boy Tackle! They won their game by alot! I was not a very good picture taker because I don't think Preston is in any of this pictures. Not that I was not trying the boy is just Lighting Fast!
Next was Nikki and her team the Thunder Bolts. They won like 10 to nothing. No one was sure of the final score..To many goals! One in which was scored by Nikki, one that she assisted with by passing and she defended their goal as goalie..Go Nikki!

Then the last game was Chase and the Layton Colts. They played Kaysville. Both teams were undefeated going into this game... Layton suffered some bad calls and ended losing the game. But have no fear they are still headed for the playoffs! Chase plays defensive end and is the guy that keeps the Big D in line. Take a look at the back of Chases helmet. Those stickers represent how many tackles Chase has got so far this year! Chase is the man and does a great job!

I am grateful to live close enough to be able to enjoy watching their sports.. I wish I could watch all the kids play in their sports. But I take what I can get.!!
Good job everyone you ROCK!!!!!

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