Friday, December 12, 2008

Paying it Forward and Honoring Grammy

So last night was my work Christmas Party. It was a great time. It started of with the Ashlee, Preston, Brock and their friend Alyx making a donation to the scholarship fund that was set up in my Moms name. They call themselves Crafting for Kidz. For the past few years they have raised money to donate to others in need."Paying if Forward" They raised $310.00 this year. It was fun to have them come and make the presentation at the party.

( Annie and Annie Beth)
Then my Boss at work gave out a few awards one being" The Marcia Quinney Nursing in Excellence Award" They are going to make it a yearly award. The winner was Anne Marie Faucher. Which I found to be the perfect choice.. Congratulations Annie!

Chris, Annie Marie, Me and Brett

Then to top it off one of the Doctors Bill Hutson was auctioned off. The proceeds to go to Moms scholarship as well. With a little money from a lot of different people he went for $ 444.00. Wow!
He was a favorite of Moms and it was fun have the bidding wars.. ( I will need to find a picture to post)

I miss Mom and Dad a lot. Some days it is hard to be surrounded by people that worked with Mom everyday. But at the same time I am blessed to be surrounded by people that loved her. They are a great support system..
Thanks Jennylin for bringing the kids down to be a part of this great night!


Sara Jarvie said...

My mom was very touched by this post and told me to look at it. It is awesome! I miss her too. Have a grea time at Neil Diamond.

Scottie and Tasha said...

Thanks for your post! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it :( It looks like everything went really well at the party- I know your mom is proud!