Wednesday, July 9, 2008

12 of My Favorite Things

Natalie, Elana and Braydon

Eviee and Eliza


Ashlee,Chase, Iaasc,Bronte' and Preston

Preston and Iaasc

Elana,Ashlee,Nikki and Bronte'

I can not even imagine my life with out these kids. They bring me such great joy.


Hanberg's said...

Love your new blog layout Beth! We missed you in Delta, but understand. Hopefully we can see you next time we come around those parts, or maybe we'll both make it to the scrapbook retreat this fall :)

Craig said...

Hi Beth,

I enjoyed your blog. I just love your whole family. I will miss Bud and Marcia. Thanks for sharing their pictures. I hope you are doing well. We missed you all at the Quinney Reunion. It was great to see Bob and Leslie. They were the only Quinneys there. Kim, John's daughter is in charge in 2010. It's going to be in Bear Lake. Keep on blogging. Maybe you will inspire me to start blogging.
Love, Jill Lund